Why Your Podcast Needs Written Content

Content Strategy

Podcasts have enjoyed significant growth over the past few years, with 57 million Americans currently tuning in to their favorite shows. In fact, a 68 percent smartphone ownership rate allows listeners to access podcasts while they're commuting to work, going on road trips or waiting in line.

They are also appealing to businesses because the high barrier to entry stops the market from becoming oversaturated. You can snap plenty of pictures and even create usable video content with the standard phone these days, but making a quality podcast requires specialized equipment that isn't generally lying around. You have a good chance of offering unique content that your competitors don't have and even capturing your audience's attention.

You put a lot of time, effort and resources into making a podcast, and your incorporation of audio equipment, editing, topic generation and other components can become quite costly. Optimize your return on investment by using articles to drive interest to your shows.

Test Audience Interest

Do you know what type of podcasts your audience is interested in? If you assume you know the answer to this question, you could end up missing the mark completely. Take some time to test audience interest first, and make sure your efforts go toward a successful show. Articles are an inexpensive way of putting your toes in the water and finding the right approach for your target demographic.

Expand Your Podcast's Reach

The article's text gives you an opportunity to send search engine traffic to your podcast. You can rank for long tail keywords that best relate to your subject matter or focus on questions that your podcast answers for listeners. This approach also helps you improve brand awareness for your company, even if people don't end up engaging with your audio content. Podcast-related articles are also excellent for guest blogging, which gives you access to other websites' audiences.

Repurpose Podcast Content

Don't treat a podcast like a "one and done" piece of content; instead, recap the key points in each article to get the most out of the material you've already prepared. This recap lets your blog readers learn more about the topics you cover in each episode. They may have skipped over your podcast because they assumed it didn't have any value for them, but once they read about interesting points or find out their favorite people get interviewed on your show, they could add it to their listening list.

Feedback Gathering Tool

Today's consumers want a highly relevant and personalized experience, and they're not shy about sharing their comments. Podcasts generate highly engaged audiences, who therefore have a vested interest in enjoyable or useful content. Use podcast promotion articles to provide a convenient feedback platform.

Your listeners can leave their input through the comments on the post, and you can engage directly with the people who enjoy your content, which gives you unfiltered access. In many cases, you can end up with highly productive conversations that help you improve the podcast as a whole.

Another useful way to use articles for feedback gathering is to create polls on topics the listeners would like to learn more about. You save yourself the work of coming up with the ideas all by yourself, and you gain insight into your audience's priorities.

Podcast promotional articles help you get the most out of your work. Make sure you're doing everything you can for your podcasts, so you end up winning from every angle.

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