How To Re-engage Your Audience Using Existing Content


Do you have content you are particularly proud of or that has worked wonders for your business? What is that content doing now? Is it still the star of the show, or could it be improved or used in a different format so that it continues to do great things for your brand?

Get the Best ROI by Repurposing Your Content

When you've invested time, effort and money into your content, it makes sense to get the best return on that investment. Doing so involves sifting through the showstoppers that could offer more value beyond their intended purpose. In this article, we'll look at repurposing your content and getting added value from those pieces that still have so much left to give.

There are many advantages to sorting through and repurposing your content.

1. Boost SEO

If you're targeting specific keywords in your SEO campaigns and they are working well, repurposing your content gives you new opportunities to leverage the same keywords.

2. Reach New Audiences

When you repurpose your content, you create the potential to reach new audiences. For example, an article that worked so well in print could be turned into a lively debate on a podcast or bulked out to form an e-book or buyer's guide. Multichannel marketing like this has the power to reach more people across a multitude of devices and platforms.

3. Gain Authority For Your Brand

Quality content can really help you gain trust from your customers and prospects. Reputation is everything, and by publishing good content that imparts knowledge and instills confidence across your target audience, you'll be raising your profile as an authority within your industry.

4. Reinforce Your Marketing Message

Repetition works in marketing, but it must be handled in the right way. Instead of bombarding your prospects with the same message in the same format over and over, repurpose your campaigns so that they hear your message in a different way. It's all about staying in the minds of your target audience. You'll often see the big brands doing this with TV advertisements, posters showing the stills from the TV ad, and radio ads playing the same music as in the TV ad. Think of your content as a bundle that plays to a common theme across multiple platforms.

Sift for Evergreen Content Too

Another way to get more bang for your buck where your content is concerned is to sift for evergreen content as well. When you're looking for content you can reuse or recycle, look for content that will never age or become irrelevant. When you find great evergreen content with staying power, it will go on generating traffic and conversions for years to come. And when you repurpose that content into various formats, you get even more value from it.

How to Find Content You Can Repurpose

You may already know exactly which pieces of content can be repurposed, but if you're struggling, here are a few pointers:

  • Look through your blog archives to find the posts that received the most comments, likes or follows. Pick out the articles that could easily be transformed into new and engaging formats, such as infographics, video, e-books or consumer guides.
  • Look over your social media history to find the posts or tweets that received the most positive actions like shares, likes and retweets. Repost these if they are still relevant, or take a post and bulk it out to create an informative article.
  • Do you have a webinar archive? Turn those inspiring webinars into a series of instructional videos or articles.

Final Thoughts

Don't let great content go to waste. It's time to put it to work across multiple channels. Not all content is suitable for repurposing, but when you find that golden article, it could go on generating revenue for years to come. Happy sifting!

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