Friday Five: Zombie emails, media acquisitions, content personalization and more

Content Strategy

Here are our five favorite articles from around the web this week: 

Telecommunications Giant Set To Acquire Media Company

AT&T is preparing to join the growing number of brand publishers by purchasing a media company. (via

What You Need To Know About Content Personalization

Content personalization is much more than inserting a name into an email. Get details on dynamic content and delivery mechanisms that will keep your content relevant. (via

5 Reasons GE’s Content Goes Viral on Reddit (and Everywhere Else)

Think you need endless resources and and army of strategists to amplify your content? Think again. Read the five keys to GE's success that any team can achieve. (via

What Higher Education Can Learn From Apple

Colleges and universities can take a page from Apple's marketing playbook and use 'dark tweets' to build expense and anticipation on social channels. (via 

Don't Let Zombie Emails Eat Up Your Day

And last but certainly not least, actionable advice for conquering your inbox from the woman who literally wrote the book on productivity. (via 


What are your favorite reads this week? Drop us a line at and we might include your recommendations in next week's list.

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