Friday Five: Tools for journalists, augmented reality for magazines, and more

Content Strategy

Can augmented reality revitalize the print magazine? 

"If you love publication cover art as much as I do, you’ll have the same reaction I did when you experience an AR cover for the first time. Awe and delight aren’t strong enough words. Breathtaking? That’s closer." (via

10 tools to tackle common problems journalists face 

Here are new tools and technology journalists use to help them do their jobs. Social media editors, curators, and reporters chimed in to discuss tools that help them face some familiar challenges. (via

Using Emotion In Storytelling

You readers are looking for an emotional connection. Learn how to deliver emotionally driven writing even if you produce content for member magazines or technical audiences.. (via 

Gender Reversal Teaches Uncomfortable Lessons

"How would the Trump-Clinton debates have been perceived if the genders had been reversed? Two professors worked with trained actors to duplicate not just the words but also the mannerisms of Trump and Clinton–only with a female actor playing Trump." (via

Magazines 101: Structure of the Magazine

Just like each page has its own structure so does the magazine. Here's a great resource that explains the different sections that give a magazine its structure. (via

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