Friday Five: Tools for better writing, refreshing your brand, and more

Content Strategy

How the World's Best Journalists Bring Interviews to Life 

Master the skill of interviewing people to set your brand’s content apart from competitors with advice from the pros. (via

4 Online Tools For Better Writing

Here are four online tools to refine your writing and let your publication's stories shine. (via

Graphic Design for Print vs The Web: 15 Vital Differences You Need To Know About

Since print design is contained to the physical size and shape of the surface or object, navigation is usually limited to flipping or unfolding a page. On the web, it’s not so straightforward. (via 

4 Signs It's Probably Time to Refresh Your Brand

Sometimes it’s easy to spot when certain things need changing: a lightbulb, the litter box, or the TV channel. Your branding, however, is not as obvious when it’s in need of an update. So, how do you know when it’s time to change or refresh your brand? (via

Eight questions for Margot Grisar

Here's an excerpt:

Q: What has proven to be your biggest frustration?A: It’s been challenging working with minimal budgets, a lean staff and shifting timelines. 


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