Friday Five: Slow journalism, content discovery, publication distribution models and more

Using Design to Engage Readers

If your digital magazine isn't getting the web traffic you'd expect, perhaps you should consider a redesign, incorporating important and effective design elements that will improve the look of your site without sacrificing content and functionality. (via

Why free magazines fail and what the lessons are for content marketers 

Raconteur and Coach have both folded despite being popular with readers – so what’s gone wrong with free?(via

5 Modern Content Marketing Best Practices for Getting Found 

Follow these five best practices to incorporate today’s SEO principles into your content. (via

The Content Marketing Journey, in 3 Stages

A diamond is forever. A content marketing strategy is not. Learn how to shift your content strategy as your organization changes. (via

Slow Journalism and university mmagazines

"Today I’m practicing slow journalism. Today I said yes to an opportunity to which common sense dictated I say no. I drove south instead of north. I skipped the office, I went well off campus; out on a limb, on the lam and in the company of our college curator, Shan Bryan-Hanson." (via

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