Friday Five: Publishing schedules, editorial calendars, homepage engagement and more

Content Strategy

DCP Content: Choosing the Best Editorial Calendar for Your Magazine

Functional and flexible editorial calendars are vital for magazine publishing. Read on to learn how to determine the right details to track and the best editorial calendar tools. (via

Ask a Content Strategist: How Many Stories Should I Publish Per Month? 

Most marketers struggle with this question, but here are three rules to help you, the content strategist, set the cadence for your content calendar. (via

In quest for homepage engagement, newsrooms turn to dreaded ‘A’ word 

"In a world where algorithms, digital-first manifestos, and customization seem to be the essential ingredients, it’s good to remember the two qualities that made newspapers essential and exciting: the news that we needed to know and the surprises we were happy to find." (via

Unnecessary Qualifiers: Present without apologies

"I often find myself presenting my design work and my opinions with a variety of qualifiers, as if pointing out my perceived flaws before someone else can will negate them. This is just as much a reminder to myself as it is to anyone else, but please, present your work without apologies." (via

Quotes from the 2017 CASE Editors Forum: Day One

If you didn't attend last week's CASE Editors Forum, Dale Kieger's roundup of quotes from the conference are the next best thing to actually attending. (via

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