Friday Five: Paying it forward, the limits of facts, content growth hacking, and more

Content Strategy

3 Ways To Growth Hack Your Content Marketing With Video

Growth-hacking tactics can also be applied to a company’s content marketing efforts, and one of the best tools to emerge for this is video. (via 

7 Reasons To Consider Print For Your 'Non-Traditional' Content Strategy 

For a "new" content strategy, brands should be looking at marketing in print as an opportunity right now to get and keep attention. Find out why. (via

When Facts Fall Short: Why Brands Need a Point of View

When marketers ignore emotion, compelling stories turn into late-night infomercials. (via

How Magazine Publishers & Catalogers Are Using Digital Printing Tech

Digital printing technology allows publishers and catalogers to target ads and content to readers on an individual level and drive greater value. (via


Pay It Forward: Your Time Is Valuable. Use It Wisely.

Not everything in our professional lives is a transaction, scrutinized and evaluated against how much it costs us, how much someone should pay. Not every teaching relationship must be formalized—a mentoring opportunity, a coach, an internship. Not every investment of time has to be “worth it.” Sometimes you just have a brief conversation with someone because—why not? You never know what will come of it. (via @karenmcgrane on 

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