Friday Five Links: Magazine flatplans, things to never say at work, and more

Content Strategy

Infographic: 12 Phrases You Should Never Say at Work 

"That makes no sense," "You're wrong," "That's not my problem," and nine other phrases you should remove from your vocabulary at the office. (via

Tell a Better Brand Story with Content Marketing & Social Media 

Let’s not kid ourselves. Telling a compelling story about your business or brand on social media is exceptionally difficult. (via

How To Re-engage Your Audience Using Existing Content

Don't let great content go to waste. It's time to put it to work across multiple channels.. (via 

Build A Better Magazine Flatplan

Flatplan is vital part in any publication production. It gives you control over the publications production process and is very important for an art director or editor. (via

Tools That Shape Their Makers

"The effectiveness of and demand for our print publications has been proven time and again, yet we work to fashion messages of 140 characters or single short paragraphs because . . . because . . . because the digital tools we’ve created demand it." (via

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