Friday Five Links: Forward progress, standing out from the competition, and more

Content Strategy

Ask a Content Guy: How Do I Stand Out From My Content Competitors? 

Three keys will help you stand out from your content competitors, and none of them involve paying your agency $250,000 to conduct a content audit. (via

Forward (aka: How to maintain forward progress on your magazine) 

I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep everyone on track to meet our print date without becoming a nag. My only progress on that project has been to become not a nag, just naggish. Not a great solution. (via

Using Emotion In Publication Storytelling

Without emotion, readers have to work harder to become invested in and connect to a story. It’s the difference between a dry list of the potential benefits of a surgery and a grateful patient account of the better quality of life they experience post-surgery. (via 

The Power Of Rituals: They Calm Nerves And Boost Performance

Participants assigned to perform a ritual before a singing task didn't just feel calmer, they performed better too. (via

The Blanding of University Magazines: An Interview With Philidelphia Magazine's Vicky Glembocki

"... So often, alumni magazines decide that being “great” means becoming something else—uber-intellectual, or general interest-y, or newsstand-worthy, or writerly, or exactly like that last Sibley Award winner. But being like everyone else—or even being like anyone else—is the worst strategy for an alumni magazine. Your greatness comes from being distinct, from being exclusive, from capitalizing on your magazine’s unique personality-your brand." (via

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