Friday Five Links: Editing experienced writers, confirmation bias, Hemingway's cocktails, and more

Content Strategy

Eight Questions for Leslie Stainton, Editor for Findings magazine from the University of Michigan School of Public Health 

"Q: What has been your best experience at the magazine?

A: Two things, really. More than a decade’s work with a terrific designer who’s smart, irreverent, curious, passionate, driven, deeply collaborative, and who shares my taste in scotch. The second is autonomy, of the sort few (I suspect) university magazine editors enjoy. Earlier this year I thanked my boss for the long leash she’s given me. 'What leash?' she asked. It’s true." (via

New Editors Guide For Working With Experienced Writers 

Learning to work with confident and established writers takes time. Editors should rely on a few tips as they are developing new relationships with writers. (via

Why Marketers Struggle to Hire the Best Freelance Writers

"Regardless of the industry, be it finance, insurance, technology, etc., many of our clients came in with a desire for that perfect hybrid of writer-professional. The request may sound smart, but it’s actually a damaging approach that can ruin your efforts to build a team of freelancers.". (via 

Is Confirmation Bias Ruining Your Content Marketing Strategy?

One of the most notorious biases in content marketing is confirmation bias, but with the proper understanding, you can make up for this otherwise glaring weakness. (via

Ernest Hemingway’s Cocktail Recipe For Bad Times: “Death In The Gulf Stream”

"... we don’t need sugar in a 'Death in the Gulf Stream'—or at least not more than 1 tsp. Its tartness and its bitterness are its chief charm." (via

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