Friday Five Links: Corporate culture magazines, the perfect office, design principles and more

Content Strategy

3 Museum Design Principles to Help Your Content Marketing 

Museum designers create full-body, memorable experiences while telling a story. Learn how that translates to content marketing. (via

IBM Digital Studio: We’re publishing a cultural print magazine at work—you should too. 

"Inspired by the depth and breadth of human-centered culture at IBM Studios, [IMB employees] came up with the idea to create a magazine with a focus on stories about IBM users and the people within the global studios program. They were passionate about the project and dammed if anyone was going to get in their way." (via IBM Studios on

Benefits Of Hiring A Content Agency

Learn how the unanticipated values of working with an agency can play a vital role in your publication's quality and the bottom line. (via 

What Makes The Perfect Office?

"When workers were empowered to design their own space, they had fun and worked hard and accurately, producing 30 per cent more work than in the minimalist office and 15 per cent more than in the decorated office. When workers were deliberately disempowered, their work suffered and of course, they hated it. 'I wanted to hit you,' one participant later admitted to an experimenter." (via

Magazines 101: Structure of the Magazine

Just like each page has its own structure so does the magazine. Here's a great resource that explains the different sections that give a magazine its structure. (via

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