Friday Five Links: Tips for selecting a magazine printer, agile marketing, neurology of print and more

Content Strategy

Here is your weekly link pack of content marketing and publishing articles from around the web:

10 Tips For Choosing A Magazine Printer

The United States has more than 20,000 printing businesses. When it comes to producing magazines, you can probably ignore at least 98% of those. (via 

Agile Techniques to Keep Any Project on Track 

Borrow a few frameworks from agile software development and eradicate bottlenecks in your content marketing processes. (via

Paper Beats Digital In Many Ways, According To Neuroscience

Print magazines might be more impactful than you imagine. Neuroscience studies show paper-based content offers advantages in connecting with our brains. (via

To Win At Content Marketing, Think Of Your Brand As An Editorial Publisher

Companies are still taking the term "branded content" too literally, churning out content with little editorial value.. (via

In 2017, Pursue Meaning Instead of Happiness

What would you rather have: a happy life or a meaningful life?. Make it your resolution this year to contribute to something beyond yourself. (via 

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