Friday Five: Importance of editorial boards, Ford's employee magazine, writing effective emails

Content Strategy

Your Magazine Needs an Editorial Board—Here's Why

Making sure your magazine addresses the various—and sometimes conflicting—interest of all stakeholders can be a monumental challenge. Here's how a formalized editorial board can keep your publication on track for every objective. (via

Ford Motor Company’s digital employee magazine weaves multimedia into a stunning print design 

Learn how Ford uses its content to appeal to a large, diverse workforce while staying true to CEO’s forward-thinking agenda.(via

Getting There: How Brands, Publishers, and Agencies Use Content Analytics [White Paper] 

Publishers, brands and agencies are currently operating in a content-rich media ecosystem. And all content (and the audiences that consume it) leaves behind a footprint of data and analytics. This is a comprehensive survey of 270 content creators and how they use content analytics. (via

Intro, deck, standfirst or kicker in magazine design

Magazine design page element that we will talk about today has many names: Deck, kicker, standfirst or intro. Many names for one element which plays a big role in providing information and grabbing readers' attention. (via

Six Ways To Write Emails That Don’t Make People Silently Resent You

We’re hardwired to read emails in a more negative tone than how they were actually written. Here’s the antidote. (via

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