Friday Five: Acknowledging mistakes, hard conversations, magazine printing tips, and more

Content Strategy

How to Correct and Acknowledge Mistakes In Online Publications

Sometimes mistakes are inevitable. Here are four simple steps to guide you through the process of correcting and acknowledging errors in digital publications. (via

Don’t Yolo Hard Conversations 

“Successfully delivering hard news means honestly and compassionately delivering the news. It’s quietly listening to their reaction, hearing each word, but understanding what they feel won’t be known until they’ve taking their time to hear you.” (via

The New Yorker’s chief fact-checker on how to get things right in the era of ‘post-truth’ 

Aside from the bread-and-butter work of verifying names and dates, New Yorker fact-checkers are expected to think for themselves and make complicated editorial judgements. (via

Magazine Production: Overprinting black

"Overprint is a common mistake that happens a lot in print production. It is easy to avoid it but it is even easier to miss it. This is why you should carefully assign correct attributes to the objects and colors used in your design. Especially to the black colored objects and text." (via

Magazine Critiques from CASE Circle of Excellence Judges

"13 Reasons Magazines were Unanimously Dismissed from Medal Consideration: Tepid writing; busy design; uninspired storytelling; difficult navigation; riddled with clichés; more of a brochure than a magazine; more advertorial than editorial; uninspired headlines and decks; shockingly wasteful, dated, awful photography; 36 head shots in one 32-page issue; utter lack of photo editing." (via

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