Friday Five: Directing magazine photo shoots, workplace productivity hacks, advanced analytics and more

Content Strategy

4 Useful tips for your next magazine photo shoot

Photo shoots offer the opportunity to capture one-of-a-kind photography for your magazine. Without proper preparation, there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong. Here are four points to consider for your next magazine photo shoot. (via

So you want to start a podcast? 

Launching a successful podcast often takes more than two witty hosts, a microphone, and an iTunes feed. Unless an outlet already has the expertise and resources, creating great audio journalism can be daunting.(via

Preflight Option in InDesign Explained 

"Sending mistake free files to the printing house is a sign of a professionalism. Today there is a tool that can help you in this matter. It is a preflight option. It can help you to save time and to avoid the mistakes that can sometimes be devastating for your publication." (via

How to Improve Your Productivity at Work

Take control of your time at work. We’ll outline productivity techniques that can be adapted to your personality and working style. (via

Advanced Questions Publishers Should be Asking in Google Analytics

With a smart implementation, content publishers can put more information into Google Analytics and get more insight in return.(via lunametrics)

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