Friday Five: Copywriting techniques, aging and productivity, content marketing pitfalls, and more

Content Strategy

Breakthrough Success Depends On Your Productivity, Not Your Age

If you’re about to hit 30 or 40 or 50 or whatever, and you haven’t had your Breakthrough Success yet, don’t give up. Because according to a fancy new analysis of some 2,800 physicists — which is a hard field — your age isn’t nearly as important as your hustle. (via 

'Beware Of The Shiny New Thing': Common Content-Marketing Pitfalls 

Challenges in content marketing include linking to sales, measurement and the proliferation of platforms. (via

3 Lesser-Known Copywriting Techniques That Keep Readers Glued To Your Content

Here are three lesser-known copywriting tactics designed to not only snatch your audience’s attention, but to also keep them gobbling up your every word. (via

Higher Education: Encouraging Alumni Engagement Through Creative Campaigns

Bryant University recently launched an integrated marketing campaign that’s all about encouraging alumni engagement. See exactly how they did it—through video, print, social, and web content. (via

Healthcare: 10 Healthcare Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

The significant dynamic in healthcare marketing trends is change. The degree of change marks something worth evaluating and bringing into your planning. (via 

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