Friday Five: Anxiety transfer, media partnerships, gated content and more

Content Strategy

Happy Friday! Close your week on a high note with five of our favorite marketing and publishing articles: 

Chase Partners with Vox Media to Launch New Travel Magazine

“Pioneering this type of partnership is part of Chase’s shifting strategy to a more innovative approach to exploring new media and reaching target audiences in new ways,” said Susan Canavari, Chase’s chief brand officer. (via

What You Gain (And Lose) With Ungated Content

Instead of hooking prospects on the anticipation of value, the ungated strategy hooks them with delivered value.  (via

How to Choose a Content Marketing Agency

Even if you have some content marketing expertise, or if you’ve taken the work on yourself up until this point, there are several critical advantages content agencies can offer. (via

Why Content Comes First

If you’ve worked in web or product design, you’re familiar with the debate over what should come first: design or content. Here are some practical reasons why content should come first. (via 

Stop Adopting Other People's Anxiety

Even if you’ve properly dealt with the client, they may have been able to leave a little anxiety behind. Anxiety is conductive, remember? That person was probably yelling at you because someone had just finished yelling at them. So before you mention this issue to anyone on your team make sure you’re calm. Don’t repeat the pattern. ( via 

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