Friday Five Links: Overcoming blunders, Facebook problems, photography in storytelling and more

Content Strategy

Does Your Content Strategy Answer the Right Questions? 

When your content strategy starts with the wrong questions, your solution will always miss the mark. (via

How to Create an Editorial Calendar Using Google Calendar

Learn how to stay agile and organized with this free editorial calendar solution: Google Calendar. (via

For Publishers, Facebook Is The Devil

One might argue that Facebook behaved with imperious disdain, or callous indifference at best, in its treatment of publishers in the final month of 2016. (via 

Make No Mistake, but if You Do, Here's How to Correct It

If you are in publishing long enough, you'll eventually have to issue a correction to a story or article. Here's a look into the corrections policies from the Washington Post and the New York Times. (via

*Last week's cover debacle in the Washington Post's Express magazine gives this article new pertinence. 

Photography in Content Marketing, an Interview with the Editor in Chief of Contently Quarterly 

You have to talk about topics that are interesting and really matter to your target consumers. That’s the underpinning of all great content marketing right now. (via 

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