Content Marketing Examples: Birdman Backstage

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Although the much-praised, off-kilter comedy, Birdman, failed to bring home a Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical this past weekend, the movie's marketing team is winning the content marketing game.  In case you missed it, Birdman (starring Michael Keaton as an over-the-hill movie star) has received massive praise since its release last October:

all my cinema nerds - do yourself a favor and watch BIRDMAN - it is 100% worth all of the hype.— Travis Richter (@TravisRichter) January 13, 2015

The savviest marketing teams in Hollywood build on critical acclaim by using content marketing to bolster awareness and increase the likelihood of an Oscar nomination. While marketing campaigns devoted to influencing Motion Picture Academy voters is as old as the awards themselves, the use of one-of-a-kind auxiliary content is a novel approach. The Birdman marketing team has created a clever "for-your-consideration" microsite that invites viewers backstage with rich media and content from the movie all while generating more buzz from media companies and providing gentle guidance for Academy members.



This approach is surprisingly similar to the Vanishing Point campaign launched by Land Rover last Fall. The proliferation of content marketing campaigns like these across verticals and various businesses is a testament to importance and effectiveness of high quality content in marketing. Let's hope these efforts pay off for Birdman during this year's awards season.

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