5 Cost-Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Top Content


So you or your marketing copywriter has written a great blog post and ultimately received a strong ROI on it. What's next for this well-performing piece of long-form content? Is it destined to be pushed down into digital obscurity by newer blog posts?

Don't let your marketing dollars go to waste by using an article simply for one intended purpose. Long-form content can be especially useful to support your marketing channel when repurposed in a variety of ways. By repurposing content, you can not only increase your ROI, but also save dollars in your marketing budget and possibly even attract new potential customers or clients through different marketing channels.

While not every piece of content will be able to be repurposed in all the ways described below, a good creative department will recognize the value in certain pieces and seek to utilize them to their fullest potential. Consider these five cost-effective ways to repurpose long-form content.

1. Create a Video

You already have the narrative, now put together a video with graphics , or get in front of the camera yourself. Consider what you've likely already seen a few hundred times this year—recipe videos. Gone are the days when a recipe was a simple list of ingredients and instructions, and possibly a picture of the finished dish.

Now recipes come to life on video tutorials with quick instructions that showcase the ingredients, snappy music and a mouth-watering completion. They certainly grab your attention more than that old, boring, dated text version of the recipe.

2. Create a Guide From Similar Content

If you've written about a particular product or service, or a series of articles on a certain topic, now might be the time to take the best points of those articles and put them together into something fresh and informative. Whether it's a "Complete Guide to Bass Fishing" or an instructional article on "Getting the Most out of Facebook Advertising," the right title can grab attention and capture new readers.

3. Take Advantage of Images

A good portion of your content probably has at least one or two images to go along with it. Post those images on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook, with a keyword-rich description, and link it back to your content. You've just created another avenue to drive traffic to your blog!

4. Post Facts and Stats on Twitter

Take some of the best facts and statistics contained in your content and share them on Twitter, along with a link to your article. Interested readers can click the link to discover more. And yet another road is constructed…

5. Create Podcasts

If you've never done podcasts before, you might find the idea a bit daunting. It's actually very easy. As long as you've got someone with a decent voice, you can turn your long-form content into an interesting podcast, and post the broadcast on various podcast sites. If you continually post interesting and informative content about the same subject, you are bound to develop a following.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content

As you can easily surmise, the manner in which you repurpose your content can potentially appeal to new consumers who you weren't able to attract beforehand. Someone might be more inclined to view content containing lots of infographics rather than straight text, while someone else may prefer watching a video or listening to a podcast. Think of it as catching more fish with the same bait, but different hooks. Best of all, you've already got some great bait, and the hooks are practically free!

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