Do You Need a Digital Asset Manager for Your Publication?
Your magazine has a history. It's found in volumes of back issues, boxes of old photographs and interview notes from old stories. Chances are you've already gone digital, scanning old images and creating electronic copies of old content. But what happens when you need to find a tidbit from an old issue? If sorting through your archives is a challenge, you should consider a digital asset manager.
How to Get an Interview With Someone Who Has Zero Spare Time
Making a good impression with a short, concise request not only helps you get an interview; it also lays the groundwork for a great meeting with your subject if you receive a positive response.
Friday Five Links: Editing experienced writers, confirmation bias, Hemingway's cocktails, and more
Five publishing and content marketing links curated for your weekly reading pleasure.
Friday Five: Slow journalism, content discovery, publication distribution models and more
DCP's weekly link round up of the best content marketing, publishing and magazine production articles from around the internets.

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