Stories Told Well Drive Patient Engagement
There is an art to storytelling and when done well stories can inspire and engage readers to take action.
Do You Need a Digital Asset Manager for Your Publication?
Your magazine has a history. It's found in volumes of back issues, boxes of old photographs and interview notes from old stories. Chances are you've already gone digital, scanning old images and creating electronic copies of old content. But what happens when you need to find a tidbit from an old issue? If sorting through your archives is a challenge, you should consider a digital asset manager.
4 Online Tools For Better Writing
Here are four online tools to refine your writing and let your publication's stories shine.
Fast and Accurate: Publishing Quality Content on a Rushed Schedule
The rewards of efficiency come with a risk: one small error or unfortunate oversight can eliminate the good will you've developed with your readers. Establish clear processes to ensure accuracy even when you are on an expedited schedule.

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